Advanced data &
AI-driven analytics for everyone

Are you having a difficult time compiling, understanding, and using your data?

It would no longer be a complicated process!
Pocket Studio will make your life easier by helping you understand your data and gain important insights without any expert knowledge and make a data-driven decision!

Benefits of Pocket Studio

Our AI powered platforms will process and organize the data for anyone to understand and interpret complex information. It is our standardized product that combined necessary and customized needs of our previous clients that boosted their efficiency.

"Pocket Studio est une solution de cerveau gauche destiné au cerveau droit "

Rémy Bellavoine

CEO of Pocket Result

Product features

Data visualization

  • Easy dashboard creation and editing
  • Customizable interface
  • Different kinds of widgets to understand your data from various perspectives


  • Workflow integration 
  • Data-entry
  • Notifications 
  • Collaborative mode
  • Assessment process 


  • Predictive analysis
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Data Automation

Data Visualization

Pocket Studio

Easy data visualization and synthesis to understand the essential information

  • Easy to connect to the data files, such as excel or CSV
  • Customizable interface (ex: colors, logos, etc.)
  • Dynamic, interactive, and user-friendly platform 

Collaborative Platform

Pocket Studio Pro

Workflow integration - Share and collaborate to gain more insights

  • Collaborative/Interactive mode 
  • Notifications are activated when there are changes made by your other teammates
  • Being able to give access and different extent of control according to the collaborators. 
  • Keep everyone updated in terms of upcoming tasks and objectives!

Powered by ai 

Pocket Studio Advanced

Collect further insights from our advanced features

  • Predictive Analysis: Make predictions of the future outcomes from your current dataset!
  • Data Automation: Update data through automated tools rather than doing it manually! 
  • NLP: Detect crucial information related to improving customer experience! 


Customer Stories 

What do our customers think about us?

 ”Pocket Result is an agile and adaptable in responding to the need of monitoring and presentation of KPI"

Valery Plancade

Chief Transformation Officer of BNP Paribas

"...Pocket Result allows us to align and build a common narrative for the entire company."

Lucette Vanlaëcke

Client Service Manager & Service IDF of SNCF

“ They proposed and established good analytical practices in our company. ”

Kader Kellua

Business Manager Importers of Renault

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